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5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Having a bad week? (Or even if you’re not . . .)


Photo on 2-17-15 at 1.08 PM

Happy is possible . . .

Try this: name five things that have made you happy—even just a little happy—in the past five days.

Need some help? Try to think of one pleasant sensory experience, for each of your five senses.

Here—I’ll go first:

1) Sound: This Song.

2) Touch: The spring-like breeze brushing my face as I cleaned up the backyard.

3) Sight: This selfie. courtesy of my eight-year-old.


“Mom, may I take weird selfies on your phone?”

4) Taste: Verve Coffee, home-brewed in a French press.

5) Smell: My sons’ hair (even when it’s sweaty).

See? It’s not all bad. At least that’s what I tell myself. Even on a rough day, I have access to innumerable bits of awesome.

Your turn! What bits of awesome have you encountered recently?

Please. Share. Spread the happy.

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