5 Things Hotel Rooms Have that Your Bedroom Doesn’t

A bed scarf adds a decorative and functional purpose. A bed scarf serves a decorative and functional purpose.

where to buy provigil in bangkok Many hotels around the world tout themselves as your “home away from home,” but if my bedroom at home were as nice as some of these hotel rooms, I might never leave! Most have features that our bedrooms at home don’t (and I’m not talking about on-demand porn). Some have aspects that I always vow to recreate in my bedroom back home, but never do.

If you have stayed in a few hotels over the past few years, you have probably noticed the same things from comfortable hotel sheet set to exquisite food to just the perfect temperature. Premium and high-end hotels generally have the best of these things.

1. A bed scarf or runner

It seems like just about every hotel has started using incorporating this design element into its bedrooms. If you have stayed in any hotel in the past fews years, you have probably seen these and know what I am talking about. They are the decorative runners that grace the foot of the bed, and usually hang down a bit on both sides. I personally do not use one of these back home, and I learned that the purpose of the scarf is to protect the expensive linens underneath. Whatever the case, my bed back home now feels really boring, like it’s missing a necessary accessory.

2. A mini bar.

I know what you’re thinking– “But I do have a minibar.” OK, but generally speaking, unless you are a character in Downton Abbey or Joan Crawford you probably don’t have a minibar in your bedroom. The minibar is something I can appreciate. Imagine the ease and comfort of not having to go all the way to the kitchen at 3:00 AM for Vodka, Rum, or a pint of beer. I don’t know about you, but this would save me a lot of time. Moreover, since I have found the vodka or bacardi 1 litre best price due to supermarket comparison, stocking up doesn’t even cost much. If you are someone who likes taking a peg or two before sleep, trust me getting a minibar could be worth every penny of your investment.

3. A telephone

Sure, a lot of us still have telephones in our bedrooms, but since almost everyone has cell phones now, having a telephone in your bedroom isn’t necessary. When in doubt, 99 is often the number for the front desk. I miss them. And, I find that when I pick up of the phone and reach the front desk, concierge, or housekeeping, I am assisted even faster than Siri! And what’s more, you may find hotels with reception software that provide fully automated front-desk services. With the help of pre-installed programs, the software may be able to perform specific functions of a receptionist. You may find this application not just in offices and corporate houses, but even hotels nowadays.

4. Daily Housekeeping

Second, only to room service, this is what I miss most when I am back in my bedroom at home. Making my own bed totally sucks, and I hate it. Well, I don’t hate it, I am just really bad at it. And is there anything better than going to your hotel room after a long day of work or play, and you open the door and everything is clean and the bed is made? If you’re like me, you stand for a moment in wonder, completely mesmerized at how crisp they got the edges. Based on my experience with hotel housekeeping, I would probably hire a maid service (like those maid services Houston TX) to do the same for my house too. Home cleaning chores would be easier if there was help around.

5. Room Service

Some of you may be better at training your boyfriends than I have been, and you may have this figured out. For the rest of us, these two words are our favorite part of staying at a hotel. How else can you get a full meal to accompany your 3:00 AM vodka?


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  1. Bed runners at home would be a pain— they would just be an additional step I would have to do not having #5 housekeeping.

    Also, I HATE having a telephone in my room. It is just another thing to wake me up. I have children to do that!!

    I, however, completely agree on wanting room service and housekeeping service. If they had on demand child care, I would take that over the on demand porn.

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